Bitel, the information and communications technology (ICT) company, will be the new strategic partner of Alianza Lima. The company will be linked to the blue and white team throughout 2024, and the commercial agreement will allow the brand to display its logo on the upper back of the shirt.

“At Bitel, we are excited to announce our support for Alianza Lima, a historic club that for years has had Peruvian soccer legends on its roster. We know that, for many, this is not just a sport, but a passion that unites us. Therefore, with our technological ecosystem such as Smart City, TuSami, Tv360, Bipay, among others, we are committed to supporting Alianza and thus continue connecting more families with the institution.”expressed Nguyen Chi TuanGeneral Director of Commercial at Bitel.

The ICT company sought to be a key partner for the club, motivated by the commitment to develop Peruvian soccer, and the great fans that support it.

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In addition, the company hopes to establish a lasting relationship, which will be reflected in the support of the larger team.

“It is with great satisfaction that we announce the entry of Bitel as a very important ally for 2024. We appreciate the trust placed in the club; “We are convinced that together we will meet the objectives set,” he pointed Diego MontoyaCommercial, Marketing and Communications Manager of Alianza Lima.

This association reflects the team’s identity with innovation and the constant search for more connectivity for the Peruvian population, a commitment that goes beyond sports and will benefit the millions of fans of the institution.

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