The Chinese technology giant Huawei has managed to “overcome the storm,” its rotating president, Ken Hu, announced this Friday in a New Year’s message for 2024, after a few years in which the company has been affected by US sanctions.

Hu, who assured that the company “is back,” thanked customers, partners, employees and family for their “continued trust and support” and highlighted that, despite the “geopolitical and economic uncertainties,” and the “impact of technological and commercial barriers”, Huawei has maintained its “solidity” in its telecommunications infrastructure businesses.

Likewise, Hu predicted that Huawei will close this year with revenues of more than 700,000 million yuan (99,000 million dollars), which would represent an advance of more than 9% compared to the turnover registered in 2022, which amounted to 642,300. million yuan ($95.1 billion).

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The manager noted that, given the changes in the external environment, Huawei “firmly believes that digital, intelligent and low-carbon transformation will continue to be the predominant development trend in the world,” and that the company needs to “maintain the strategic focus.” , taking advantage of the “collective strengths of its business portfolio” and its “innovation capacity.”

Huawei made headlines this year for the launch of its Mate 60 Pro smartphone, which, according to some information, would use a 7 nanometer (nm) chip manufactured by China’s largest semiconductor producer, SMIC, which would have achieved this advance despite to the restrictions imposed by Washington in that sector.

The phone caused great expectation in the Asian country because it was considered by some a symbol of Huawei’s recovery after the effect inflicted by the sanctions imposed by the United States in 2019 for its alleged links with the Chinese armed forces.

Since then, the technology company has had to develop its own operating system, called HarmonyOS, after being left without access to Android, owned by the American Google.

In recent years, Washington and Beijing have had bitter disputes in the technological field due to the alleged military ties of the aforementioned Huawei, the international growth of Chinese mobile applications such as TikTok or the access of Chinese companies to American technology.

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