The telecommunications company Entel presented its estimated results for 2023, pointing out that they have had an increase in their income by 2.4% in the first nine months of 2023, compared to the same period in 2022. This is reflected in growth in postpaid, prepaid , mobile service and digital services for companies, indicated Alexis Licci, CEO of Entel Perú.

This in a context in which market income decreased by 5% in the same period of time, he maintained, explained by a 20% drop in sales of mobile equipment, and by a slowdown in recent quarters in services, such as recharge prepaid plans, for example.

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In turn, he pointed out that they have achieved second place in market share in ‘service revenue share’, which is the money spent by people and companies in paying for mobile services.

As the company pointed out, in this indicator Claro was ranked first with 39.4% of mobile ‘service revenue share’, followed by Entel (24.9%), Movistar (23.5%) and Bitel (12.2 %).

“When you reach 20% participation, it starts to be a little more difficult to grow, because you have a customer base that is moving and migrating, but we see that we have never stopped in our growth trend. We have consistently had a growth trend and that allows us to be second in the mobile industry when we talk about services revenue share,” Licci noted.

In turn, the executive highlighted that Entel’s EBITDA has had a constant evolution, going from having an EBITDA on revenue of 8% in 2019 to 23% in 2023.

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In the case of the mobile operator market, he indicated that the percentage of EBITDA over revenue is led by Claro (35.9%), followed by Entel (23.2%) and Movistar (19.1%). However, he acknowledged that these values ​​“are quite low” compared to other international markets.

“This is influenced because there are high levels of competition, a lot of customer rotation (among operators) and it has to do with how the standard is set out, as well as significant tax burdens,” he said.


Regarding next year’s plans, Entel’s goal is to reach a 30% market share in ‘service revenue share’ in the country.

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In addition, Licci said, the company hopes to enter the neutral fiber optic network market – that is, shared networks -, within the participation of the Pangeaco company.

Precisely, Telefónica del Perú had sold 54% of shares to KKR and 10% to Entel in July. Licci specified that they are still waiting for this acquisition to be approved by Indecopi.

In that sense, he maintained that their goal is to reach between 15% and 20% of the market share of the Internet business in homes, but without an established year.

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