Rappi presented its new bet in Peru: Turbo Restaurants, which allows users to access a variety of gastronomic options that are ready to be enjoyed in approximately 10 minutes with the technology of Turbo, the brand’s ‘quick commerce’ vertical.

This service will initially be available in Miraflores and San Isidro, but the company seeks to expand this proposal to all of Lima and the main cities of the country in the coming months.

The positive impact of this new proposal is transversal to the Rappi ecosystem. For users, it provides considerable time savings, unique in its kind. In restaurants, it promotes an increase in sales, thus improving their productivity, and in delivery workers, it allows the number of deliveries to increase, which represents greater income, the company noted.

“The methodology and technology that supports Turbo has allowed us to continue innovating and finding solutions that go beyond what is expected from a home delivery service. An example of this is the delivery of restaurant food in approximately 10 minutes. In this line we have established collaborations with recognized brands such as McDonalds, Little Caesars, San Antonio, Saki Poke, La Baguette, La Mora, Subway and many more. “We aim to expand this service to have at least 100 Turbo Restaurantes stores by the end of the year,” says Eugene de La Rosa, VP of Operations for Rappi in Latin America.

During the pilot test, Turbo Restaurants In Peru, it delivered more than 10 thousand orders in less than 10 minutes. It is important to mention that this new option is available in the “Restaurants” section within the application. Behind the success of this initiative is a team of more than 200 developers who guarantee the smooth operation of this technology.

For Spencer Friedman, General Manager of Rappi for the Andean region at Rappi, “In this way, Rappi continues to innovate by offering a unique service in the world. Through collaborative work with allied restaurants and Turbo technology, we can proudly say that a Latin American company is offering the fastest delivery service in its category.”

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