During CADE Executives 2023, Verónica Bonifaz, director of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability of Coca-Cola Peru, spoke with El Comercio about the participation that the company has in the country and the goals they have for collecting bottles that they put in the National market.

What is the participation that Coca-Cola has in the region?

The company has a presence throughout the region, with more than 500 million consumers and more than 60 brands. We have been working with our bottling partners to refresh the world and make a difference, which is our purpose.

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This position in the region also occurs at the industrial level.

Coca-Cola globally works with bottlers. In Peru we work with Arca Continental Lindley, which is our exclusive bottler and we have been working hand in hand with them on all our sustainability goals and precisely to make a difference throughout our entire value chain. Arca Continental has more than six plants and is the largest distribution and commercial network in the country.

Speaking about innovations in the portfolio, the sustainability aspect is a very strong line that Coca-Cola has. What things are they doing?

We have several sustainability issues associated with innovations. First, we have a unique universal bottle that promotes returnability. It is an important part of our portfolio, more than 30% of our sales come from returnable packaging and we have returnability in glass and plastic. So, we are always trying to focus and continue in the line of innovations to promote returnability and reach our sustainability goals in that line.

Also, the iconic green color of Sprite (bottles) was migrated to transparent, because it also helps, in a more effective way, with recycling, and just like that we have several innovations associated with packaging with the use of recycled resin and the reduction in the weight of all packaging to reduce the (carbon) footprint. Everything we do in our launches, both in brands and in their packaging, is associated with the objective of reaching our ESG goal.

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You have a program called ‘A world without waste’. How ambitious are you with this towards 2024?

Super ambitious. We have clear goals per year and our global goal of reaching a world without waste by 2030 includes collecting every bottle we put on the market, reaching a percentage of recycled resin, which here is 25% in all packaging. (For example,) San Luis has 100% recycled resin in all its packaging, and we promote returnability. With all these approaches and working with allies, collaborative action together and in an articulated manner with authorities, consumers and clients, we plan to reach our goals of a world without waste, in recycling, returnability and the collection of all waste materials. all the bottles we put on the market.

Why is Coca-Cola present at CADE?

The presence of the company and the Coca-Cola system in the country was evidenced with its Inca Kola brand. Who else than Inca Kola to be present in Cusco. We have two initiatives, one is a ‘food truck’ associated with a native potato entrepreneur from Cusco, and we have been promoting and helping entrepreneurs as one of our strategic routes as a company.

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How many entrepreneurs have they supported so far?

We have several lines of action with entrepreneurs. In the traditional channel, both wineries and the channel as a whole are important clients for us. We support more than 100,000 entrepreneurs over the years in initiatives such as the business development school, digital winery, all with a focus on entrepreneurship and strengthening digital and financial capabilities, etc.

Inca Kola, specifically, has a territory to promote entrepreneurship in addition to the Association of Food Entrepreneurs, such as ‘food trucks’. We have been helping many at the national level, which complements the entire strategy with all other entrepreneurs and the traditional channel.

By 2024, in supporting entrepreneurs in various lines, what is the expected goal to be achieved in terms of helping entrepreneurs?

We have been reaching out through the traditional channel for many years and support for entrepreneurs is increasing year after year. Our goal, at the company level, is to pass 100,000 (startups) scaling in the long term, because we strengthen the capacity of entrepreneurs year after year and continuously of our clients, along with entrepreneurship and local art, with the Inca murals Kola. They are a series of activities that we promote as a company and as a brand in the specific territories of Peru, which is in the case of Inka Kola. We have more than 100 murals and ventures promoting entrepreneurship at the national level, working with the Ministry of Culture and giving value to local art, giving value to differences and, like Inca Kola, calling us to have a Peru that gives us pleasure.

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