2023 was a transition year for the integration of the Natura-Avon brands. In this interview, Christian Coone, its general manager for Peru, explains how cosmetics consumption has already recovered to pre-pandemic levels and how the industry would continue to grow during 2024.

What are the preliminary results of the business in 2023?

2023 is a very important year for us, it is the year in which we decided to integrate our businesses, Natura and Avon. The scope of this integration was important from the administrative and sales point of view of our entire network, and we launched it in record time, in six months. We are having very positive results. In the midst of this context, we are managing to grow in the perfumery and gifts categories in double digits, close to 20%. What we are achieving with the strength of the two brands is very important, offering a much more robust value proposition in our network.

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– Do you perceive that there is any change in the consumer profile of these products?

We see that the consumer is choosing more what they are going to consume. He is choosing much more prices, quality, he is being more rational in his consumption, but we also see a level of consumption in cosmetics that has already recovered to pre-pandemic levels and that does behave in a robust manner.

– What are the most popular lines?

Our perfumery and makeup lines are the most in demand. We have a very important recovery in the face line this year and makeup as well, perhaps it is the category that has the greatest opportunity to recover from the pre-pandemic, but it is a category that has a lot of strength and has been recovering at strong levels.

Natura makes the first export to Brazil of cupoazú butter grown in the Peruvian Amazon.

– Will 2024 be a year of growth?

For us, 2023 was the year of integration, of fixing many things in our commercial model, mainly in the entire Avon network in which we brought together a commercial model more similar to Natura. There was a whole network to train and we are still in that process. So it was a year of stabilization, of beginning. We look favorably on our growth projections next year, perhaps above the market.

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– With the same magnitude as in 2023?

We see a more solid 2024 in terms of cosmetics as a whole. Natura today is the brand most chosen by Peruvians to give gifts.

– What is the work you have been doing with the producers of Madre de Dios?

In 2023 we also decide to continue investing in the country. One of the clear signs of this is an investment that we are making with an asset of the Peruvian Amazon, of biodiversity, which is the copoazú. We plan to export 30 tons this year, we already sent 18 tons that we tested and they worked very well. We are already incorporating it into our products in Brazil. This is something very important for us, we work with biodiversity, mainly in the Brazilian Amazon, preserving more than 2 million hectares of the Amazon, working with communities, favoring fair, ethical trade, and encouraging communities to better use the assets.

We are happy to start this path in Peru as well and begin this adventure of continuing to preserve hectares in the Peruvian Amazon.

Store "bi-brand" of Avon and Natura, called Bembeleza, operates in Peru.  (Reference photo)

Avon and Natura “bi-brand” store, called Bembeleza, operates in Peru. (Reference photo)

– Will the exported quantity of cupoazú be more ambitious in 2024?

Today we do not have projected figures regarding consumption, but we do want to continue, even exploring other assets here in Peru. We already started in Colombia after Brazil, but in Peru we started with great strength. We started with a strategic ally, which is Candela, and we are working with 145 producers in the Peruvian Amazon, which is very relevant.

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– What other products catch your attention?

We still don’t have any concrete ones.

– How does Natura value this experience with producers and what message would it give to other businesses or the country based on this experience?

We have a global climate crisis problem. The Amazon has a very important role in this. Since we created the Ekos brand, working with the Amazon, we have been committed to this. We have been working with Brazil for 23 years. This step we are taking is part of our commitment to continue expanding this preservation of hectares to combat the climate crisis, but in addition to this it brings prosperity and work for the communities.

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