The regional economic situation has not been the best for consumption, how has it impacted Diageo?

From the point of view of consumption, we work in countries with different growth rates and with different levels of performance. In the most recent months we have had everything, in Latin America we have had everything and that is part of the essence of the region.

From a business point of view, the results have undergone different changes. In the case of Peru and South America, of which Peru is part of a cluster with Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, we were very happy. Despite the volatility, our business has been carried out in the best possible way, with good growth rates. We are not oblivious to what is happening in the rest of the world, but we are focused on continuing on the path of being able to develop part of the strategy and actions that allow us to grow. Particularly, we feel on the right path to be able to consolidate the business growth rates that we had in the last year and that can continue in the future. We continue this commitment to continue strengthening consumption.

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What categories of drinks are the most requested in the Peruvian case?

The Peruvian market in alcoholic beverages is super interesting. It has been marked by a large consumption of mostly beer, and spirits or liqueurs still have a great opportunity to continue developing. We are just 3% of the total alcoholic beverages market and that is where we see all the potential to continue developing in Peru.

The most consumed categories in the market are whiskey, vodka, gin, rum and tequila. We at Diageo have in each of these categories a large number of brands and portfolios that allow us to strengthen part of these trends. In whiskey we have Johnnie Walker, a flagship brand within Peru and globally, within Vodka there is Smirnoff, within gin there is Tanqueray, in rum there is Zacapa, and in these coming weeks we are going to have the launch of Don Julio tequila that is going to revolutionize and energize the tequila category that is on the rise.

What are the company’s expectations for 2024?

2024 is going to be a very interesting year, not only because of the launch of Don Julio. To give us an idea, in numbers, tequila is a category that in the last five years has grown on average 18% year-on-year, gin has been growing by 27% year-on-year, rum by 8%, vodka by 7%, whiskey is also growing . So in each of these categories we are going to continue strengthening our strategies. But additionally we are also going to strengthen innovations, such as Tankeray Royal, which has been very well received. Many of our bets will continue on these brands, but we are going to incorporate innovations to the portfolio to be able to satisfy part of the demand at the consumer level.

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For next year, will there be a more aggressive strategy to continue penetrating the national or international market?

Yes, definitely. I think that post-pandemic we have understood that there is a great opportunity to continue developing different channels, not just bars, restaurants, nightclubs, supermarkets. There is also a different development of the digital channel. Being able to play omnichannel is allowing us to penetrate various spaces to provide our consumers with better and greater alternatives.

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