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—What is the level of investments developed in the 12 airports that you manage?

Currently we are developing all the infrastructure projects in the airports that we manage. We have investment in rehabilitation of landing strips and the other project group is dedicated to the expansion of terminals. In terms of runway rehabilitation, important works are coming. Two months ago we began the rehabilitation of the Piura runway, a work that costs around US$ 45 million and next year we will have important rehabilitations in terms of runways, which are those of Iquitos, Pisco and Pucallpa.

—How much do they add up to in investment?

In rehabilitation alone, they amount to approximately US$250 million. We have other plans. We are 50% of the way through preparing the technical file for Cajamarca and Talara, but I don’t think these will happen in the next two or three years. In track rehabilitation alone, we can reach around US$700 million.

—And in the case of airport expansions?

These investments in expansions can reach up to US$200 million.

—In what period of time?

That’s a good point. There is an important issue. Although it is true that we are a private concession, each of our projects are classified as public works. That has a series of processes that takes a series of processes that takes more time than it should take. Since we took over the concession with around 900 thousand passengers at the beginning. This year we should end up at 7 million passengers. Therefore, it is a growth rate of 14% annually. We have already had the need to expand the terminals for years. The important thing is that we are moving forward.

—What airports are we talking about?

We are 70% complete in the technical file of the new Chiclayo terminal, the size of the terminal will be multiplied by ten. We are at a level of 50% of the technical file of the Trujillo airport. In this case, we expand the terminal space four times. At 25% progress we have the files from Piura and Cajamarca. Tumbes is at 80%. And we are in the middle of the bidding process for the profile of three important airports in La Selva. By 2024, we should have investments of around US$450 million, adding the aforementioned rehabilitations.

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