The president of the Association of Shopping Centers, Carlos Neuhaus, denounced that the Municipality of Bellavista has closed some stores in the Plaza Bellavista Mall, under “absurd arguments” and in the middle of the Christmas campaign, days in which the stores generate their greatest profits. in the year and contribute the greatest amount of taxes.

In communication with RPP, Neuhaus pointed out that the attitude of the municipal authorities goes against Law 31914 Therefore, he warned that the association he represents will use all legal tools to defend the interests of its members.

“They are closing some of the anchor stores, because Christmas is approaching and they are beginning to look for excuses to proceed with these maneuvers that all they seek is to blackmail them. A law has already come out that prevents this, it is Law 31914 which (points out) that they can only close when there are imminent risks to the life, health, property or safety of people that cannot be corrected in the same inspection act. “They are observing totally absurd things, such as, for example, that some shelves that were for toys were changed to clothing.”he indicated.

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“From here I send a message to those mayors who want to abuse their position of dominance, to be careful because at this moment we are able to challenge them and defend ourselves with the weapons of the law”he added.

Neuhaus was outraged that these measures are taken in the middle of the Christmas campaign, days in which the formal sector generates various sales taxes. “that will make our economy active.”

“But we have to have mayors prioritize personal interests over the interests of the nation. “Enough of the abuse.” he remarked.

Yesterday, the Municipality of Bellavista proceeded to close the stores Falabella, Tottus and Tai Loy Saga located in the Mall Plaza Bellavista generating customer discomfort.

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After the intervention carried out by the personnel of the Environmental Management and Health Inspection management, it was reported that several observations were found that, according to the municipality, “put people’s lives and health at risk.”

In Saga Falabella, they met passageways clogged with merchandise and although the store staff tried to move it, the city authorities imposed a fine equivalent to 20% UIT and the closure of the store.

In Tottus and Tai Loy, products without current health registration were found, which is why they were also closed.

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