Rappi just released a feature which allows its users to send gifts to family and friends through the application.

With this new option, users will be able to send and ship from an order to restaurants, e-commerce, liquor, and even pets. In order to use this service, users must select the “Send as a gift” option. Once this option is selected, the application will allow you to choose a virtual card that will be sent through a message along with the link to track the order.

With this new development, Rappi hopes to continue betting on the commitment to making the lives of users easier.

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What type of products can I order in a Group Order on Rappi?

The gift sending function is available for the vast majority of products available in the application in the e-commerce, restaurants, pets and liquor segments. among others.

Do you need to have the application installed to track the order on Rappi?

Yes. If you are going to receive a gift from Rappi and want to track the status and delivery time of the order they sent you, you will receive a message with a link that will take you to follow the status of the order in the application. However, you can receive gifts without having to have the application installed, but you will not be able to see the order tracking.

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