During this time of year, hundreds of people choose to invest their bonus in purchasing the long-awaited apartment. Real estate fairs are a great alternative for this acquisition because they offer different options in the same place.

In this framework, the Association of Real Estate Companies of Peru – ASEI has been promoting the safe purchase of homes and offers those interested in purchasing homes in general, the “Consumer Guide for the Purchase of Real Estate in the Future” in which four main recommendations to take into account in the real estate acquisition process:

1. Transparent data: Use the public databases of entities such as INDECOPI, SUNARP, SUNAT and the MVCS to obtain detailed information about the supplier. From the start date of activities to the tax status, this data provides a complete view that supports your choice.

2. Review the clauses carefully: Make sure that the contract sent by the supplier complies with the minimum clauses required by the Consumer Protection and Defense Code. Request the proposal made by him in the various sales channels to avoid misunderstandings.

3. Inspect the property in detail: Verify that the supplier complies with everything offered for the real estate at the time of delivery. As a consumer, you have the right to point out defects and deficiencies. Structural aspects are guaranteed for 10 years, ensuring that your investment is safe.

4. Delivery of relevant documentation: The real estate provider must send the necessary documentation for consumers to carry out procedures related to the home or its characteristics. This includes service supply details and gas supply approval documents, among others.

“At ASEI we carry out these sectorized fairs that seek to satisfy buyers who are interested in buying a home in a specific area of ​​Metropolitan Lima. This is a smaller space where they will find the best offer,” said David Vargas, general manager of ASEI.

An example of this is the Lima Home Boutique Real Estate fair; which will take place on Saturday, December 2 at the Country Club Lima Hotel in the San Isidro district, where a real estate offer of more than 100 projects will be presented in the districts of San Borja, Surco, Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro.

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