American companies look at new investment opportunities in Peru, particularly in terms of sustainability andwhere they have a lot to contribute.

It is the case of Black & Veatchan engineering and construction firm with more than one hundred years of history internationally and a five-decade imprint in our country, associated with water care projects.

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It was through this approach that the Kansas-based company began its relationship with Peru in 1969. But it was not until March of this year that it decided to open a permanent office in our country.

This, with the aim of being closer to its clients and “strengthen new relationships“, refers Enrique Sastre Novoa, leader for Peru at Black & Veatch.

And the American woman was away from our country until about five years ago, when she decided to reconnect to contribute her experience in water treatment projects for mining companies, such as Newmont Yanacocha.

Neither more nor less than what happens in other places in the world, such as in Indonesia, where a contract has just been signed to design and manage the delivery of a desalination plant for the Grasberg copper mine (Freport MacMoRan), the largest of its kind in the world.

Black & Veatch develops large-scale non-conventional renewable energy projects on five continents.

Mining in Peru is very large and what we want is to provide our services to companies that do not know us at this time, particularly in matters such as water treatment and desalination, where we have specialists at doctoral level.”explains Sastre.


Likewise, Black & Veatch seeks to contribute its knowledge in energy sustainabilitytaking into account the incipient development of our country in this field and the need for mining to transition towards cleaner energies.

In that sense, the American assures that it can be an engine of change through the implementation of road maps, good practices, strategies and technologies.

And this not only in mining, but also in other sectors, such as industrial and steel, because “The entire economy is dedicated to completing this transition of the energy pattern”, says Sastre.

To this end, Black & Veatch has “presence and experience” in conventional and non-conventional energies (solar, wind, biomass, biogas) and “also in something that is gaining a lot of popularity in Chile and other places, which is green hydrogen.”, points out the specialist.

For now, the company has been developing a feasibility study for a combined cycle project (thermal plant) in Peru.

In this way, we are exploring the opportunities in the market to execute projects in accordance with our quality standards and good practices,” adds Tailor.

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