The DC Group (Dyer Coriat) announced the creation of a Strategic Corporate Center, which will aim to improve the company’s capabilities, deepen continuous improvement processes, increase profitability and ensure the creation of value in a sustainable manner in the short and long term. .

The center that will be called DC Capital will come into force from January 2024.

The group also announced its decision to appoint Jorge Kuryla, current director of the Group and some of its operating companies, as Corporate CEO of the DC Group, to lead said center.

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“Its fundamental role will be the creation of sustainable value from a strategic perspective, inspiring and challenging the Group’s companies to reach their maximum potential, ensuring profitability, synergies and efficiencies, supported by a strong culture that supports these initiatives,” he points out in a statement.

“Likewise, he will be in charge of identifying new business opportunities, optimizing the portfolio and managing investment funds. For his part, Samuel Dyer Coriat will continue to serve as Chairman of the Group’s Board of Directors, providing his vast experience and leadership to guide, together with the Board, the strategic vision of all businesses.he adds.

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