At the Creditors’ Meeting held on Monday, December 18, Consultores A-1 was ratified as liquidator of the assets of Doe Run Perú. In the previous one it emerged that there were two liquidators (Balta and Chavez Magan) who intended to replace her.

However, during the session no creditor proposed them. Furthermore, when voting for the item on the agenda, the majority of creditors who attended, 99.82%, voted abstention, thereby ratifying confidence in A-1.

Consequently, he continues to exercise the position of liquidator of Doe Run Peru. It may be recalled that the start of the liquidation dates back to April 2012, and A-1 was appointed in January last year.

Between March and December 2022, A-1 achieved the objectives of transferring the assets of the La Oroya Metallurgical Complex and the Cobriza mine, something that five former liquidators could not achieve in nine years (2012-2021).

Likewise, at the meeting, A-1 reported that under his administration he has amortized the current labor debt through payments in favor of 2,518 labor creditors, in cash and in dation in payment of assets, for a total amount of S/175 million.

By 2024, A-1 announced to the board that it has proposed to complete the release of trust funds in a national bank and the MEF, which guaranteed the completion of 9 projects related to the so-called Environmental Management Adequacy Projects (PAMA). This fund has a total amount of US$ 20 million.

These funds will be used primarily to continue paying current labor debt and bankruptcy labor debt in favor of approx. 3,500 former Doe Run Peru workers.

“We trust that the General Directorate of Mining will address the technical and legal arguments that support the termination of the Trust Contract, and that it will proceed with issuing the respective resolution, in 2024.”said A-1’s legal counsel, Dr. Richard Almerco.

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