What are the company’s preliminary results this year?

It was an extremely difficult year, but the results of Promigas Peru were very positive. Fortunately we are going to be closing with a little more than 40 thousand new residences this year, which brings us to about 250 thousand homes with natural gas in the north, one million Peruvians benefiting, 20 new industries, five new CNG stations and , fortunately, with very good results. However, this very complex year began with blockades, public order issues, and later with the El Niño Phenomenon that impacted all economic sectors in the country.

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Were the objectives greater or are the results aligned with what you expected?

They are very aligned with what we thought, but in terms of industrial volumes we have been affected because we expected greater demand from the fishing sector, which has been hit hard this year by the El Niño Phenomenon.

What are the projections you have for 2024?

Next year we have some interesting investments, in the order of US$58 million that we are going to invest next year in the northern zone. We also have very important investments in the fishing sector. We hope that the El Niño Phenomenon does not occur in the way that is being predicted. We also plan to connect 44 thousand homes in the northern sector in 2024. We have goals somewhat similar to those we have obtained this year, which was a very complicated year.

When do you expect to put the Green Corridor into operation?

A week and a half ago we received the last visit from the regulator. All observations have been completely raised. We are waiting for them to issue us the certification at any time so that the operation can begin commercially. That is a great milestone for us, we have great expectations in that sector, and we hope that next year there will be at least 100 heavy-duty tractors traveling between Lima and the north with vehicular LNG.

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So he hopes that the Green Corridor will already be operational in 2024.

Of course yes, we hope that they will issue us the certification very soon.

What is the goal with the project?

Next year we expect there to be at least 120 LNG tracts transiting.

The north requires greater promotion of natural gas. What is missing?

We have expressed to the Government on repeated occasions the need to approve the level rate with a scope for all regulated clients. This has been a cry of ours for several years in the sense that it allows two very important objectives: that the rates in the north and the south are very competitive, that is, similar to those that Lima and Callao have today, and that they be sustainable the development of residential networks by concessionaires in the south and north. Just a week ago the bill was approved limiting the scope to 50 thousand cubic meters per month per client. It’s not what we would have wanted, but it is progress. We are fully willing to work with the Government on that basis, we hope that they adopt what came out of Congress, that the law is promulgated and that we can move on to the regulation stage.

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How many more connections could you have?

The figures could be doubled. At this moment there are 250 thousand, practically in the next three or four years we could be talking about 500 thousand homes in northern Peru alone if the leveled rate is released.

Is it a fluid dialogue with the Government?

Yes, we are working with them. The Con Punche program has helped a lot, but we have not wanted it to stop there because they are State resources that have a specific destination and are limited. The real solution in the long term, which would make this competitive and sustainable, is the level tariff.

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