What is the importance of sustainability in the company?

Arca Continental is very committed to sustainability, we believe that it is a long-term business and that is why you not only have to take care of the business itself, but also your stakeholders, your communities. That is why we work based on four pillars: operational excellence at the level of ethical issues; then the development of our communities (so that they are) sustainable communities; also the development of the value chain, which is the work we do with our suppliers that is very important; and what is environmental management. In environmental management we take great care of energy, in fact many of our plants work with renewable energy. We are the first company to have Enel’s I-REC certificate, which is about renewable energies. We also work on the entire issue of water, not only at the level of reduction and efficiency, but also in the reuse of water.

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What are the long-term objectives you have planned?

Continue, of course, working on continuous improvement and efficiency. We have six plants nationwide, two of them, Pucusana and Trujillo, have LEED certification, which are plants designed specifically for sustainability and energy saving issues. That is our commitment when it comes to plants. In consortium with Coca Cola, we work on a large program called “A World Without Waste”, which is a commitment by 2030 to have collected the packaging we have on the market. But let’s also remember that our packaging is already made from 100% recycled materials in the case of San Luis and the rest of the soft drink portfolios have just over 25% of the material, which helps the environment.

Apart from that, we in the area of ​​long-term sustainability have many social programs that we work with the community. One that I really like is “Uncovering my entrepreneurship.” We work with women, we train them so they can develop small businesses. We launched it in Pucusana, recently in Trujillo, in Moche. It is a beautiful program because it generates a virtuous circle where the people who receive training and we give them seed capital to start a business, then, in turn, they transmit this information to other women. This virtuous circle is then generated in a very beautiful value chain.

And how ambitious are they with the winery program that you mentioned at the beginning? What expectations do you have for 2024?

Super ambitious. The business development school, which is the school for winemakers that we have with Coca Cola, has been working on training winemakers for 18 years. We will continue training in 2024. We resumed face-to-face training several months ago. The pandemic affected everything and we had online training that was a challenge, but a nice challenge, and now we work with the winemakers in a digital winery program, also with our partner Coca Cola. With this we will further train winemakers on the use of digital technologies at the level of digital wallets. This has several aspects because it helps formalization, it also helps to have less money circulating. That helps the winemaker.

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Just like you, sustainability must also become equally marked in other companies. What should other actors in the country do to promote these ideas?

When talking about sustainability, it is sometimes understood as something that involves a lot of investment behind it, but being sustainable is a commitment that can start small. That is to say, from putting trash cans in the offices to segregate and teach how to secure waste, one is already starting in sustainability. Sustainability is “hey, we are going to stay here for a long time and we have to work in the long term.” CADE increasingly becomes more aware of the need we have not only for the reuse or segregation of waste, so I think that is important. Companies are called to make small pieces available to collaborators to make things better. That’s the kit of the matter.

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