The Economic Commission of the Congress of the Republic has ready the report proposed by the reform of the Peruvian Pension System. In the document, of more than 300 pages, a structure is proposed under four pillars: non-contributory, semi-contributory, contributory and solidarity.

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However, in the same text, the commission has established the possibility of an extraordinary withdrawal for AFP affiliates of up to 2 UIT (S/9,900 at the 2023 value). The withdrawal, as detailed in the text, is extraordinary and optional for those who do not have pension contributions for six continuous months until November 31 of this year.

“An extraordinary authorization is given to members of the Private Pension Fund Administration System who, until November 31, 2023, do not have accreditation of pension contributions to the individual capitalization account (CIC), for at least six months consecutive periods, to optionally withdraw up to two tax units (UIT) of the total funds accumulated in said account.”reads the document.

Said withdrawal, as the text explains, is applied until the withdrawal is equivalent to 95% of what was contributed by the affiliate. This is because “the remaining 5% is transferred directly by the AFP to EsSalud.” Those who apply to the Special Early Retirement Regime due to Unemployment are also excluded from this modality.

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